Wednesday 6 May 2015

What I did on my chemo break

They say that money can't buy you happiness.

No, but it can buy you a room here, with hot and cold running flunkies, cocktails, spa treatments and a slap up celebratory dinner at Gary Rhodes' place

Friday 1 May 2015

Taking a break

Yes I know I haven't been posting lately and mainly that's because nothing very exciting has been happening on the cancer front. It's just been the routine that I recall from last year and it's quite surprising how easily being poked, prodded and poisoned does become a routine. Clinic on Monday (poke for bloods), chemo day unit on Wednesday (poke in the chest for the IV line), feeling like crap on Thursday and a trip to the shining metropolis* of Wisbech on Friday to have the pump taken off and the poking stick removed from my chest.

So today I should be feeling like death warmed up and getting ready for a trip to the Pride of the Fens but I'm not for the kindly oncologist has had a look at my cracked and bleeding feet and hands and the post cycle 6 scans which showed a 50% reduction in the liver metastases and declared that I can have 4 weeks off. The reasoning being that a break from the chemo will let me recover a bit from the side effects and make the remaining 6 cycles easier to bear and should have no adverse effects on the treatment of the cancer. I'm rather pleased about that as last time we just went for the full 12 cycles without stopping and by cycle 10 I was hardly recovering before it was time for the next one to start.

"Try and get some rest" they told me. So being me I'm getting on a plane on Monday so I can sit on a sun lounger for a week in 35 degree sunshine.

I'll probably be bored stupid by Thursday and steal a camel.

* may not actually shine, or be a metropolis.