Wednesday 3 February 2016


So I'm at the usual clinic on Monday and one of my oncologists goes "I think I found your blog, are you the little dragon?"

Oops! I had to do a quick think if I'd had a moan about the oncology team on here but I guessed not as they've all been top notch. In fact the only grumbling I tend to do is on Twitter when the clinics are running their usual hour and a half behind schedule. and you daren't go to the bog because you're paranoid about missing being called.

But it was nice to hear that the doctors like my blog and actually find it useful to get an idea of what their patients are going through and, especially the day to day stuff that doesn't tend to come up in clinics which tend, at least for me, to be a check on how the chemo side effects are going and making sure I have the requisite number of platelets, white blood cells and legs* to allow the next lot of chemo to get dribbled in the following Wednesday.

Which is what's happening now. And it's making my feet itch.

* Four. I am a dragon after all.