Monday 27 June 2016

Down to one

"their eyes met... to form one enormous one that could see in all directions"

Well not quite but it does turn out that my liver mets, aka "The Grouchettes", which had been whittled down to two are now one, because they've grown together.  Which is a bit of a bastard but does account for why it's been a bit uncomfy in the abdomen department for a little while. Also apparently it explains why my right shoulder has been painful for the past few weeks. According to Doctor P there's a link between your diaphragm and that bit of the shoulder so pressure or pain down there actually reflects up here

Which is another nail in the coffin of that "intelligent design" argument.

Anyway the plan is to give it some more chemo and see if that gets it back under control. Irinotecan this time as Oxaliplatin now makes me fall over and panics the nurses in the day unit.

Oh damn that means that awful atropine injection doesn't it.