Sunday 4 May 2014


A rather sad week as the first real bastardness of the consequences of cancer came to pass. Nothing physical you understand but I sold my horses and now there's a silent set of stables and a paddock I need to get my ride on mower to keep the grass short.

I'd had lots of plans, was going to train Leo to harness as he'd just turned three and was ready to start working and I was going to get a horsebox and take Meadow to shows...

Fig 73: If you're gorgeous and you know it, clap your hooves

... but that's not going to happen. I'm flat on my back or in a hospital five days out of every two weeks and I get tired really easily so I couldn't give them the attention they need and they need to be doing some work rather than just standing in a field being ambulatory lawn ornaments. Fortunately they've both gone to good local homes and are right now being fussed, ridden, cuddled and generally pestered by little girls and probably wishing they were back in my quiet field being ambulatory lawn ornaments.

Going to miss them though, must go and plonk myself on the backs of other peoples horses so I can get my equine fix more often.

On the admin side we have had a step forward and one back. Going forward I'm now going to the little local hospital about 15 miles away to have my pump removed and the PICC line flushed and dressed; this is way better than having the schlep all the way down to Addenbrookes for what is a 5 minute procedure and is saving me a whole load of time, grief and petrol money. Going backwards the oncology day unit have been kicking up a fuss because they originally had me doing my clinic appointment and bloods taken and the chemo treatment on the same day. Now this confuses the poor little darlings at the NHS as its currently taking a life-age of men to get the blood work back that says if I can have the treatment or not* and so I have to have the clinic/bloods on one day and the chemo the next so it's two days of dicking about instead of one.

Bet that doesn't happen if you go private.

* Apparently there's a magic number of white blood cells and platelets you need

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  1. Actually, it does. I always had to go up for bloods before the chemo on different days. BUPA insurance paid for my private treatment.

    What I do not have to wait for is CT scan feedback. That is always only 24 hours later, compared to days/weeks in NHS, generally...