Wednesday 29 January 2014

Its cancer guys, not leprosy.

I went into work this Monday having taken the previous week off on sick leave so I could get all the tests done. Yes I know I'm "sick" but I can still function and as my job is mainly shuffling ones and zeros into a particular order I'm pretty sure I can do that for now until they start pouring nasty chemicals into me or making holes in me.

To be fair my boss was very understanding and sympathetic when I told him the diagnosis (we've got on well as colleagues for years, even before he became my boss) but he did wonder why I'd come into the office (errrr, because I can?). I told a few other people around the office too when they'd asked where I'd been the previous week and I did get some odd reactions; one in particular started going on about the lead character in the TV series Breaking Bad* but most were "but they caught it early" or "It can be treated can't it?" - I said yes to both questions but in all honesty until I get the scans done and the biopsy results back the honest answer is "I haven't a scooby" - and a general sense of people being uneasy around me, kind of like I was a dead man walking.

Anyway after lunch boss came over and said that I didn't need to be there and he's happy for me to work from home until I get the treatment plan so off I went. Fortunately we don't have much on at work at the moment (lots of reorganisations - won't bore you with the details) so I'll be taking the opportunity to pick up a couple of new skills that might come in useful in the brave new world.

But I can't shake the feeling of there was a sigh of relief when I walked out the door... "Thank God he's gone, he was creeping us out"

* I would not have a clue how to make Meth. I know how to brew beer though, does that help?


  1. I've always been pretty pragmatic about death. After all,it is absolutely the only thing you can guarantee and however it comes, you had to know it was going to, right? Luckily, as a sociopath (apparently) I don't bother with empathy, so you're always welcome at my place... so long as you don't touch anything and always use the same cup, okay?

  2. I'll even put some paper down if I have to use the loo :-)