Thursday 13 March 2014


One of my friends and commentator on the blog (hi Dragonboy!) mentioned bucket lists a little while back and a couple of people offline have also brought the subject up.

No Lolrus, not that bucket

So what's a bucket list? Well simply it's a list of all the things you should do before you kick the aforementioned recepticle. A bit like those lists you see in the sunday papers when they're desperate to fill a few more column inches before going to press like "25 pretentious hip bistros you must eat in before you're 40" and "50 exotic locations you must visit and catch dysentry in before you retire"

So do I have a bucket list? No, I don't.  I could have one I guess. I've never been to Thailand. I've never been skydiving. I've never made love to a moose. I've never made love to a moose whilst skydiving in Thailand.  The thing is I've already done pretty much everything I can think of that I wanted to do. I've owned horses and my own equestrian property in the country* (and still do), fast sports cars and I even had an aeroplane once**

Piper Turbo Arrow (PA28 201-T) Mine was one of these

Add on top of that the travelling the world and staying in 5 star hotels (added bonus, my employer at the time was paying), hell I was even the keyboard player in a rock band at one time (we weren't very good but it was great fun).  So if I've wanted to do something I've always just gone out and done it and I was kind of looking forward to, well, throttling back a bit and maybe growing tomatoes and showing Meadow at the odd horse show

I am not an ornament. I am a free horse!
(and take this bloody Katie Price headcollar off me)

As a consequence then I don't have a bucket list, nor do I feel the need for one. However if anyone has a reservation at Heston's restaurant The Fat Duck they don't want I might be interested.

You can keep the moose though.

*Don't get too excited, it's 2 acres of reclaimed swamp down a crappy, potholed farm track. We're not talking Downton Abbey here.

** I'm the only dragon I know who actually has a pilot's licence.


  1. Don't worry - what I have heard it is not worth the effort: