Saturday 1 March 2014

Mac and cheese

A while back the red-robed cancer angel mentioned the Macmillan Nurses to Mrs Dragon as maybe able to give us some support; apparently I have to ask for the referral which I duly did and after a week our assigned Mac Nurse rocked up to the dragon's lair*

First surprise to me was that I always thought they were some independent charity; seemingly not as mine had an NHS id badge. The rest came as no real surprise, a basic bit of touchy-feely "so how do you feel"? cod psychology and about an hours worth of waffle on matters me and the Mrs has largely figured out ourselves. Well meaing I guess but helpful? Not really.

One god thing that came out of it was at least she gave the oncologist a poke (he'd been off on his hols apparently as I'm probably bottom of his in-tray) and so I now have an appointment in a couple of weeks. Hardly speedy but not too slow that I could kick up a fuss.

* we have lairs, not dens; don't believe everything you see on the tellybox.

1 comment:

  1. "lairs, not dens" made me laugh!

    I guess it's not too late to pitch your latest idea and see if they "bite"?

    Do you think you will sort out a bucket list in the near future? (I wonder what might be on/in it)

    Cran says squeeeooo and wishes you the best :)