Tuesday 25 March 2014

PICC that up.

Things are definitely moving forward now, I'd like you all to meet my new friend, Mr Groshong

Fig 12: Medical stuff
In case you're wondering that's a PICC, a peripherally inserted central catheter; the red and white thing is the end of a small tube that goes up a vein in my arm to a tiny valve that's positioned just above my heart. The purpose of this is to make getting all those nasty chemotherapy drugs into me just that bit easier as it stays there until the end of treatment and means every time I go in I don't have the YTS trainee searching for a place to stick a needle. 
I did get a book of instructions with it but they're mainly for the professionals. The patient care bit basically has the same instructions as the mogwai from "Gremlins". Don't get it wet.

Not sure what happens if I feed it after midnight though.


  1. whats a Groshong?

    and lol@YTS trainee

    I'm glad the first session went without hiccup

    DB :@)

    1. A Groshong is the name for that particular type of catheter, it differs from others in that it has a pressure activated valve at the end that's inside the body which makes it less prone to leakage or infection. I'm guessing it was invented by a Mr Groshong :-)